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Goodreads_icon_16x164 of 5 stars false 20 October, 2012
Review by Ms. Anne French
A very interesting combination of adventure and a bit more. It punches well above the weight one might expect from the synopsis, in terms of depth, characters, plot and style. Definitely worth a read... more...
5.0 out of 5 stars Fiction Book of the QuarterSeptember 21, 2012
Review by John R. Olsen
Hard to believe this is a debut novel best I've read in quite a spell. The setting is perfect and the book probably wouldn't have worked someplace else; the author must have put a lot of thought into the setting. There's two story lines here; one is gripping adventure and the other is a dysfunctional family and a dysfunctional love interest...  more...
5.0 out of 5 stars 
Great Read! September 10, 2012
Review by Bruce A
This book started with a promising story line and went on to exceed my expectations. A well developed plot with nail biting suspense that kept the pages turning. The historical references and family twists added interest without slowing the fast pace and excitement. Great read.
5.0 out of 5 stars A must readJuly 24, 2012
Reviewed by MLP
I was hooked by Shepard's Prayer, reluctant to put it down. A well paced novel with plenty of drama, suspense and thoughtful psychological depth, that make the characters and the settings come to life. A wonderful way to experience a well thought out action/ love story set in the mystique of Collioure and the French Pyrenees. A must read! Looking forward to a sequel....
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Shepherd's Prayer...

Raisin Radcliffe and her brother, Geoffrey, stumble onto a labyrinth of caves below an ancient dolmen near Collioure, a village on the craggy edges of the French Pyrenees. They tell no-one about their find. Then the mayor’s five-year-old son is snatched by a violent cult and threatened with death if the village goes ahead with plans to allow tourists into its famous prehistoric cave, Grotte des Loups

Geoffrey becomes obsessed with finding the child and pulls Raisin into his desperate hunt. In scouring the rugged landscape for the youngster, Raisin and her brother are plunged into a situation that brings them face to face with the trauma of their own youth.

Shepherd’s Prayer is a dark atmospheric novel with two storylines: a gripping crusade to save a young boy's life, and the grim struggle of two siblings to confront their family shame.
Shepherd's Prayer 
is set in the wild, mountain terrain 
of Collioure, France...
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Rugged terrain above Collioure
Shepherd's cottage in forest...
Massane Tower above Collioure...