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You could have been me

Where were you in July 1991? 

I had just moved to Cape Town and living la vida loca. Now picture bombs and grenades smashing up that life. 

This is what happened to Anita Rakidžija, a successful Croatian businesswoman.  Someone living a life like you or me in the early 90’s. Her memoir They Won’t Hurt Me, Mom is heartbreaking. 


I wish I knew her name...

A new mother refuses to name her unborn child Simon, after her husband's father, because the name reminds her of the red-faced bully in third grade.

In the old South Africa, a white “madam” didn't think twice about changing a maid’s name from the tongue-twisting Ntombomzi to the oh-so-easy Nellie

Oh no, not Scrabble!

I write, therefore I love Scrabble. Wrong. 
I hate Scrabble.  I love words for their content, not their structure.

Burning money hurts

Flick a switch and the heating goes on, right? Not in our household. Heating used to be like brushing my teeth, I never actually thought about it, but living in the Pyrenees changed that forever.
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Eye of the storm...

I may live in the sunniest corner of France, but it’s also the windiest. There are days when the old folk don’t dare leave their homes for fear of their buckled bodies being tossed aside like autumn leaves.



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