coffee with katja
30 June 2012

Nine days since launch and I'm still floating. I thought I would be terrified of Shepherd's Prayer being read - and judged - by everyone, but I'm not. Some will love it, some might hate it... I'm just thrilled it's out there.

I've promised myself the summer off from writing, but that's easier said than done because my first three books are clamouring to be let out! 

They'll have to wait. It's three years since I finished my third book - seven years since the first one - and ideas have been brewing about layers to add to their characters, and twists to their plot lines, so there's work to be done before they're allowed out.

Which is all very pragmatic when the reality is that I finished Shepherd's Prayer in early May, and my fingers are dying to dance the keyboard again.

Let's see who ends up being the boss. Me or the fingers.

19 June 2012

Yet another milestone: the final Shepherd's Prayer cover arrived via DropBox today, and I'm glowing like a light bulb.  At 8.10pm, I pressed "PUBLISH" and within 24 hours Shepherd's Prayer will be available on Amazon.

Next step: get it read and reviewed! 

14 June 2012

Tick tock... one week to go and Shepherd's Prayer will be launched. No more hiding in a writer's cocoon, the book will Out There for everyone to read.

The last last last draft is done, the cover design is with Elsabe Gelderblom in Cape Town, and the butterflies in my stomach are great big eagles.
4 June 2012

Another big step... today I received a US tax identification number. All part of the admin hoops to facilitate selling via Amazon. 

Yesterday I previewed the first Kindle book version and was thrilled with the result! Seventeen days to go.