Katja Willemsen
I know who sits in that empty chair

28 July 2015

It's Camille Cosby. The (ex) funnyman's wife is the faceless victim because surely she didn’t know about Bill’s rampage and keep schtum?

This is one smart woman we’re talking about. Dr. Camille Cosby has several degrees, produces plays and movies, and writes books. Oh, she’s also Bill Cosby’s manager. Are you seeing dollar signs or am I the only one being cynical? Haven’t we seen this manager-enables-client story before? Hello, Tiger Woods.

Except this isn’t your common garden variety sex between people who shouldn’t really be in each other’s beds. Tsk.

Camille Cosby was aware of her husband's extra-marital, er, fun, and everyone knows an affair isn’t an assault, right? Problem is, if the women's horrific stories are true then Bill Cosby is a rapist and you have to wonder who else knew. Or suspected at the very least.

Yes, yes, I know. Innocent until proven guilty. But come on, Camille. FORTY-SIX women are saying your husband raped them. Not one or two groupies here and there but forty-six women across four decades. Last I read, rape is a sexual act committed on another person without their consent. Dead and sleeping people can’t say yes.

Camille, I hope you’re victim number 36 because the alternative is too awful for words.

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